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Are you able to challenge your own assumptions? Sometimes a radically different view can offer new possibilities and insights. For example, can you always rely on data? Do we really need to produce this report? Is the customer always right? Is input really the same as output? Is this model the only way to make things work in our company/industry? All our socio-economic systems are based on assumptions. In this interactive lecture, Karim teaches your team to look at issues differently in order to come up with completely new solutions. 

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Karim Benammar

Dr. Karim Benammar (1966) is a philosopher specialising in transformative thinking, and gives lectures and workshops to companies and organisations worldwide. He studied philosophy in England, America and Japan, taught at the University of Kobe and was a lecturer at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. He is the author of Abundance (2005), Reflection Tools (2006), Reframing – the art of thinking differently (2012) and Thinking about money and value (2013).

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  • Reframing

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