Gen Z – How Are They Going To Change The World?

Gen Z – How

Are They Going To

Change The World?

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Generation Z (born between 1996 and 2012) is growing up. Most Z’s are still in school, although some members are gradually starting their professional life. In this lecture, Jos Ahlers discusses the rise of this unstoppable generation of networkers. Based on extensive research, he provides insights into the attitudes and behaviour of this young digital generation. A generation that is always online, a generation for whom social media is not a discovery, but a necessity. Who are they? What do they expect from life? How do they deal with authority and hierarchy? How do they relate to previous generations ? What barriers do they run into and what can we learn from them? With an entertaining and interactive lecture, Jos takes you into the world of Generation Z. It is a starting point for anyone who wants to connect with them.

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Jos Ahlers

After his PhD in Psychology, he left academia and made the switch to the business world.

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  • Genration Z

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