Cultural Identity

Cultural Identity

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      Do you believe being late is disrespectful? Is assertiveness the same as being cheeky? Does the individual lead the collective? What we consider ‘normal’ depends on our culture. This culture even determines your identity to a large extent. Haza takes her audience on a journey across a rich range of differences between Eastern and Western experience, from attitudes towards property and public space, to how we perceive authority. What can we learn from people who grew up in 2 cultures about what we experience as self-evident, partly unconscious, norms and values? Do self-clarity and self-esteem matter? Research has shown the importance of a stable (cultural) identity for healthy mental well-being. Specifically, cultural identity conflicts arising from acculturation challenges is an important predictor in low psychological wellbeing within certain populations. Join Haza in this lecture to gain a refreshing insight into cultural identities, followed by a Q&A.

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      Haza Rahim

      Psychology lecturer at Utrecht University, where she became a Talent of the Year lecturer.

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      • Cultural Identity


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