Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias

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Learn to understand the impact of unconscious bias, the benefits of stereotyping, how it actually helps you survive in daily life and how you can try to limit its side-effects. Your brain is constantly linking new images to existing information in order to shape order to the world around you. However, such information categorisation is often rather short-sighted, which causes all sorts of problems and challenges. In this interactive lecture, Taz discloses how our brains work and what we can do to improve our judgement.

Your speaker

Taz Latif

Taz spent over 4 years as a teacher before making the move to hire global teams in the Startup space. Frustrated with the lack of diversity and inclusion in her industry, she began to focus her efforts onto more strategic hiring – educating founders and leaders on the importance of mental health, wellbeing, race, religion, culture, gender, neurodiversity and so on. She’s now a full-time Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Consultant and public speaker, delivering workshops from school students to CEOs and speaking to international audiences. Taz has collaborated with the likes of GoogleForStartups, Ministry of Justice, Facebook, Financial Times, Expedia, TechInclusion and Bloomberg. In her spare time, she’s an EnrolYourself alumni, part- time spin instructor, conqueror of Kilimanjaro, charity skydiver and a huge foodie.  

Focusing on

  • Allyship and white privilege

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