The Oxygen Class

The Oxygen Class

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Burnout, stress, sleeping problems; these are typical complaints of our time. The number of antidepressants thaken by individuals today unprecedentedly high. Knowing how to keep yourself calm in a stressful situation is not only good for our performance, it is even necessary to stay healthy. In the event of stress or fatigue, we often look for a solution outside ourselves, but with the right breathing you can both relax and activate yourself. Breathing is actually the only unconscious process in our body that we can control. In this lecture, Marjon, an expert in breakthing, takes you on a journey that starts with biology, continues with insight into stress triggers in daily life and ends with practical tools for immediate use.

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Marjon van Opijnen

Marjon van Opijnen is a trauma and respiratory therapist and teaches at Nyenrode and Webster University in business ethics and leadership.

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