The Origins of Queer Culture

The Origins of Queer


Average length
1 hour
Interactive tasks

Session Overview

In this leqture we will explore the origins of queer culture as a concept and a label. We also explore the evolution of language in the most up to date conversations around identity, homophobia and the power of language to hurt and to heal. We can not remedy the situation entirely but you will be equipped with some tools to help you discuss hate speech, ignorance and homophobia with more care and precision. While the material is indeed serious, the leqture is actually refreshingly engaging and has the appropriate balance of humour, kindness and integrity needed to unpack the perils and traumas often lived by queer people and linked to homophobic experiences.

Your speaker

Joseph Kearney

Joseph is a Drama-therapist and a storyteller who has also been a cultural journalist for almost 20 years. He is a positive queer force of energy in the universe and brings his swagger and charm to every session.

Focusing on

  • The Origins of Queer Culture

Joseph Kearney

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