More than Courage - Finding your Personal Power

More than Courage -

Finding your Personal Power

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We know how it feels to be afraid. Like when we're afraid to speak up because we might seem foolish or wrong. We're all afraid of losing control and the fear of failure in projects or goals. Every one of us has fears, that's normal. Our fears keep us safe and protected. But they also make us small and unhappy. Fear steals our power and vitality. We also know that to have a meaningful life, to have rich and vibrant relationships, and to enjoy satisfying work, we need some courage. Because no human being is truly fearless, we use courage to deal with our fear. But courage isn't the ultimate goal. Power is the goal. Personal power. Power is your ability to influence situations and to easily express your genius and your talents. This lecture is about understanding fear, and then finding your personal power so you can do the things that matter to you most.

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Eric Kaufmann

Eric is a highly-sought-after leadership coach, with an expertise in developing conscious leaders that are stewards of humanity.

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  • Finding your personal power

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