Hidden Talents in Harsh Conditions

Hidden Talents in Harsh


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It is well-known that growing up in adverse conditions can undermine development, learning, and health. However, people also develop intact, or even enhanced, mental abilities that are adapted to stressful conditions. Little is known about these “hidden talents”. Willem examines whether two mental abilities are enhanced among high-adversity youth. This interactive leqture provides insights into how people who grew up under stressful circumstances develop in their further lives. Willem uses biology and psychology in order to get a better picture of the social-cognitive development of these children and adults. He also addresses the question of what early exposure to stress means for the development of certain (knowledge) skills, and how we can benefit from some of the consequences of such early life adversity. 

Your speaker

Willem Frankenhuis

Associate Professor of Psychology at Utrecht University.

Focusing on

  • Hidden talents in harsh conditions

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