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Food Science

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A key factor in employee health is nutrition. Providing your employees with the information and tools they need to eat well is therefore imperative not only to their health and success, but the health and success of your organisation. Are superfoods real? Is intermittent fasting healthy? Should you eat more eggs? Is milk a healthy drink? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Why is there so much confusion about which foods are healthy? Does the science about what is healthy really change every year? Liesbeth separates facts from fiction in the confusing world of nutrition and shows your people how to live healthier. 

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Liesbeth Smit

Liesbeth Smit is a nutrition scientist, science communicator, and author of the best-selling book “Eat Like an Expert”. You can find her debunking common nutrition myths and explaining science on TV and in magazines. After a career in nutrition science at Harvard School of Public Health and VU University Amsterdam, she founded her company “The Online Scientist” where she helps other scientists communicate their research to the public in a clear and exciting way.

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  • Food pseudoscience


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