Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Average length
6 x 1 hour
Interactive tasks

Session Overview

Inspirational sessions; live, online, white labeled, on Zoom or Teams.

In this specially curated series, Leqture offers six separate, one hour, branded sessions on diversity, equity and inclusion to inspire your workforce; produced, presented and facilitated by our team.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are three words at the forefront of society, that cannot be ignored. This series of individual lectures allows your workforce to explore the themes of Closing the Gender Gap, the Black Lives Matter movevement, Cultural Identity, Diversity and Inclusion, Allyship, and Hidden Talents in Harsh Conditions. Experts speakers, rich in knowledge, provide your workforce a deepened understanding of these very important concepts.

Enrich your organization with valuable insight into building a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Three, separate, one hour sessions, to inspire and educate, all followed by a Q&A. 

Your speaker

Antonia Forster, Jennifer Tosch, Haza Rahim, Barbara Oud, Taz Latif and Willem Frankenhuis

Antonia Forster is a passionate advocate for Women in STEM, a TEDx speaker and mentor, and LGBTQ+ activist.

Jennifer Tosch, is a cultural historian, activist, and founder of Black Heritage Tours in Amsterdam.

Haza Rahim is a Psychology lecturer at Utrecht University, where she became a Talent of the Year lecturer.

Barbara Oud, Chairman of Bi+ Netherlands and inclusion specialist.

Taz Latif, full-time Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Consultant and public speaker.

Willem Frankenhuis, Associate Professor of Psychology at Utrecht University.

Focusing on

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

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No. The sessions will be presented in your brandname. So our host will welcome your people using your company name. The session will be visually branded with your logo and you can even pick your own name for your series. 

Of course. You decide who is welcoming the speaker. Our host will introduce the speaker but that can just as well be done by your own people. We will prepare them in terms of tech and logistics. 

YES! Definitely! The unique thing about Leqture is that our sessions are live. That's how we can truly facilitate interaction between employees. We use breakout rooms, whiteboards, chat, live polling, surveys and every other interaction feature.

Leqture is independent. We work with all the major meeting platforms like Teams, Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. Should your company want us to broadcast on yet another platform, please reach out to us and we will have a look at the possibilities!

90% of our sessions are recorded and the video edit will be shared after the session. The edit can be used on your intranet but cannot be distributed on the internet. We will of course always inform you if a speaker prefers not to be recorded.

Your account manager will take care of all your questions and special requests. But you can also talk to one of our curators if you need guidance in picking the best sessions for your audience. 

No. Actually, our philosophy is 'the more the merrier'! You can invite your entire workforce, their families, your clients, suppliers, and/or any other stakeholders. 

Leqture Sessions always last exactly 60 minutes.

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4 sessions
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€2,500/£2,150 per session

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