Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

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Diversity and Inclusion; two words at the forefront of society, and terms that must not be ignored. What do they mean? How do they relate to each other? During her session, Barbara will guide you through the wonderful world of diversity and inclusion, and provide knowledge about these themes, preparing you to get to work in integrating diversity and inclusion into your workplace. What role do you take in ensuring an inclusive organisation? How do you contribute to an organisation in which everyone feels safe and open to be themselves? Join Barbara in this leqture where she will inspire you with the eye-opening knowledge and tools necessary to get you started on creating a diverse and inclusive organisation.

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Barbara Oud

 Chairman of Bi+ Netherlands and inclusion specialist.

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  • Diversity and inclusion


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6,9% throughout the entire session on average

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6,5% throughout the entire session on average

87% rated very good/excellent

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87% rated very good/excellent

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