Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

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The elections were rigged. The ’Deep State’ governs us all. Qanon is real. Coronavirus is fake. Beware of chemtrails. Conspiracy theories are a widespread phenomenon. Multiple 5G masts have gone up in flames in the UK in the past year. These communication towers had to burn because they stand accused, along with China, of spreading coronavirus. It's not clear how the arsonists have figured this out, but in the age of conspiracy theories, the corona virus is flaming new conspiracy theories all over the world through social media. Why do so many people believe in conspiracies? And why are certain people more likely to believe in conspiracy theories than others? In this interactive lecture you can learn all about conspiracy theories from the renowned expert, followed by a Q&A. 

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Jan-Willem van Prooijen

Associate Professor at the department of Experimental and Applied Psychology of VU Amsterdam.

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  • Conspiracy Theories

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