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What does being an ‘Ally’ mean? From case studies to the Wheel of Power and Privilege, this interactive leqture will take you through a journey of understanding our own power and how we can leverage these to become effective allies, both in the workplace and in other areas of our lives. You can test your own role, learn about various biases and most importantly, how you can become an ally. The key to being an ally is to take action. It is not good enough to say ‘I am an ally’. You have to demonstrate behaviours and only by taking action will we see real change happen. To be an ally you need to be curious and be continuously learning and asking questions. In this interactive lecture, Taz encourages you to ask questions and learn about different cultures. She lso teaches us not to assume – just because one person you know from that culture does something it doesn’t mean it is the norm and everyone will be the same. 

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Taz Latif

Taz spent over 4 years as a teacher before making the move to hire global teams in the Startup space. Frustrated with the lack of diversity and inclusion in her industry, she began to focus her efforts onto more strategic hiring – educating founders and leaders on the importance of mental health, wellbeing, race, religion, culture, gender, neurodiversity and so on. She’s now a full-time Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Consultant and public speaker, delivering workshops from school students to CEOs and speaking to international audiences. Taz has collaborated with the likes of GoogleForStartups, Ministry of Justice, Facebook, Financial Times, Expedia, TechInclusion and Bloomberg. In her spare time, she’s an EnrolYourself alumni, part- time spin instructor, conqueror of Kilimanjaro, charity skydiver and a huge foodie.  

Focusing on

  • Allyship and white privilege

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