The Next Nature

The Next Nature

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Every human on the planet is a crew member of Spaceship Earth. However, we need to re-invent the driving manual. At least if we want our species to survive and create a future that is satisfying for the wellbeing of all humans, but also for planet Earth as a whole. But where to start? First, we have to acknowledge that our vision of nature is outdated and needs an upgrade. We need to adopt a new paradigm where nature and technology are not opposites, but merge into a Next Nature. We can then start to envision smart solutions to feed the planet, such as harvesting energy from our own bodies and growing meat in the lab. Where will we drive our spaceship? At least not back, but forward to nature! In this innovative leqture Hendrik-Jan take you on a journey in which you will gain new insights on nature and technology and how they are changing rapidly.

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Hendrik-Jan Grievink

Hendrik-Jan Grievink (1977) is researcher, visionary designer and public speaker.

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  • The next nature

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