Lunch & Learn Sessions as a Service

We produce live online "60-minute" Lunch & Learn series of 4/6/10 sessions to develop teams, leaders, talents and entire workforces around the globe. 

Our clients choose their own expert sessions, curated by Leqture. Our portfolio consists of over 200 live interactive sessions held by a group of diverse experts.

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How does it Work?

  1. Select your plan: 4, 6, or 10 Lunch & Learn sessions that can be utilized throughout the year.
  2. Share your company's values, goals, and needs with our team.

Once you've completed this step, we will provide you with a session proposal, allowing you to choose the most suitable sessions for your team. After finalizing the selection, please let us know your branding preferences, preferred conferencing tool, and desired session dates. We will then send you the invitation and meeting link.

You can now begin inviting your team to join the sessions. Finally, sit back, relax, and witness your workforce being inspired by our team of experts.

Lunch & Learn Sessions to Educate & Inspire

Pick from over 200 inspirational sessions


Your Brain at Work

If you want to change results, you'll need to change behaviour.  If you want to change behaviour, you'll need to change the MIND. In this energising, high-octane session, Dr T will share easy-to-action practical top tips to help individuals, teams and your organisation optimise their mind and performance in current times. In this session, you will:

1) learn ways to enhance your energy through a positive view of the past, present and future

2) gauge your wellness levels using Dr T SWANS scale

3) improve your clarity on where you should place your focus - ‘control the controllables’

4) learn about the multi-tasking fallacy in order to hone your productivity 

5) learn a technique to help maintain your motivation level more consistently throughout the year


Foundations of Trust & Psychological Safety


What's Next for the Future of Work