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      Explore diverse session categories and align them with your team's requirements. If you need guidance, our Leqture team is ready to assist you.

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      After securing your expert speaker, confirm session details. Share your branding preferences and preferred video conferencing tools, ensuring a tailored experience that matches your brand identity and communication style.

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    • Elevate Your Team's Knowledge
      Relax as your team engages in an inspiring session hosted by our expert speaker. From our Amsterdam studio, our moderator will lead the session, while our production team ensures an exceptional learning experience that empowers your workforce.

    We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

    • Remote (live, online) and interactive sessions held by curated experts
    • Produced, presented, and facilitated by our team
    • A moderator will introduce the speaker and guide the session from our Leqture studio
    • White label, so your employer brand can take the spotlight
    • We broadcast to the online video platform of your choice

    A one stop shop for inspiration, learning, and meaningful interaction.

    We are continually expanding our portfolio of leqtures by doing multiple auditions each month. Our speakers are selected for their knowledge and passion, they have the ability to connect with your employees and encourage interaction. We use the survey results from every session to advise every single client on what session to pick next.

    3 simple steps

    Choose a plan

    Choose a 4, 6, or 10+ session plan - do you want to get inspired on a monthly basis or do you want to connect inspiration to special events?

    Select your leqtures

    With our guidance, pick and choose the right topics and expert speakers to create your own inspiration program.

    Get inspired

    Sit back and relax because we will produce, host and moderate every session. We take care of invites, surveys and even a video edit.

    This is our third contract with the people from Leqture and they keep surprising us with new inspiring and insightful sessions.

    Amos Susskind

    Managing Director UK & Ireland.


    At Leqture every session costs the same.

    Packages of 4, 6, or 10 sessions that are valid for 12 months. Unlimited participants.

    4/year. Sessions
    6/year. Sessions
    Pricing€2,500 per session€2,250 per session€2,100 per session
    Online production included
    Host/Moderator included
    Branded broadcast
    Survey included
    Video edit included
    Tailored talks