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Book a 45-minute expert session for your company or team. Engage with global experts on neurodiversity, gender gap, unconscious bias, microaggression, disabilities, leadership diversity, feminine leadership, cultural diversity and many other topics. 

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Once you booked the session and created the meeting link, you can invite the audience using the QNA session description from our website. You might also want to ask them to think of questions upfront already!

That is up to you! However, the purpose of these sessions is to inspire teams, so we suggest that you invite your team(s) for learning from these experts and covering a lot of questions on the chosen topic.

De QNA sessies worden niet opgenomen tenzij er een specifieke afspraak is gemaakt met de expert.

QNA sessions last 45 minutes in total. The intro talk usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes, and the rest of the time is spent on Q&A. With each session, it is indicated how much time you can expect for Q&A.

Ja, QNA sessies zijn online only. Een perfecte manier om je hybride team te ontwikkelen.

That is up to you! But the more the merrier, so we would suggest that you invite your team to learn from these experts together and cover a lot of questions on a certain topic.

After your booking you will be asked to provide the meeting link to us (Leqture). We will add the meeting link to the calender invitation that has been sent to you and the expert.

You will receive an email confirmation about the session containing best practices. Before the session, 15 minutes are planned for you to meet and prepare with the speaker and the moderator.

On the day of the session we will send you the contact details of the expert, so you can contact them in case this is needed.

A moderator/host is included in your booking. He/she will introduce the speaker, unless you prefer to do this yourself. Before the session 15 minutes are planned for you to meet and prepare with the speaker and the moderator.

It's up to you. Two things to take into account: 1) the technical limitations of the video conferencing tool you use and 2) the level of interaction you desire for your audience.

Yes, however, a cancellation fee wil apply.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the full cancelllation policy.

Yes! Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for the full rescheduling policy

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Lena Olivier

Regional Vice President