Remote and Interactive Lectures about Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health, Leadership and More

Live online "60-minute" expert sessions to inspire, educate and engage.

200 sessions held by a diverse group of curated, global experts.

White-label and fully produced, presented and moderated by our team.

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Our learning sessions improve performance, develop leadership skills, create awareness, and build stronger teams

All year long, our scouts scour the planet to find the most talented and inspiring experts for our clients. Our sessions are white-labeled, which means that we're invisible and your brand is prominent. If you're looking for ways to develop, attract and retain people, reach out to us for a demo. 

Create your own program for leadership teams, talents, or the entire company. Our live, interactive sessions help create a culture of inclusion, interaction, innovation and well-being. 

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High performance

High Performance

How do successful people, teams, and organisations become even more successful? In this entertaining, fascinating, and confronting lecture, Paul will share with you the best practical and creative ideas to take more, better, and smarter initiatives to significantly raise the bar. This lecture is based on deep knowledge and extensive experience in the practical business applications of behavioural psychology, neuroscience, and especially, common sense. You’ll get new insights on how to achieve big goals, how to focus on the few things necessary for business and professional success, and how to rapidly build high performance habits for you and your team.


Trust & Psychological Safety



This is our third contract with the people from Leqture and they keep surprising us with new inspiring and insightful sessions.

Amos Susskind

Managing Director UK & Ireland.