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We embrace continuous learning and offer series of live online "60-minute" knowledge sessions bringing inspiring insights, fascinating new perspectives, and lots of interaction. We let employees grow on a personal and professional level. 

We curate, produce, and facilitate these live sessions for hundreds of companies that want to invest in their leadership, talents, and company culture.

You can create your own inspiration/development program from over 200 live interactive sessions delivered by inspiring international experts.

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Our inspiring expert sessions build stronger teams and better culture.

Inspired employees are 55% more productive and 87% more likely to remain with their company. However, only 15% of people feel inspired at their workplace right now. We're here to change that. We are on a mission to inspire a million employees with new knowledge, insights, and perspectives.

All year long, our scouts scour the planet to curate the most talented and inspiring experts. Our sessions are white-labeled, which means that we're invisible and your brand is prominent. If you're looking for ways to attract and retain people, reach out to us for a demo. 

Every month, we help over 100 companies achieve their goals. Our clients use our live sessions for employer branding, employee engagement, learning and development, and wellbeing. We have growth programs for leadership, talents, and for the entire workforce. Our live, interactive sessions help create a culture of interaction, creativity, and innovation.

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People want to grow on a personal and professional level

Most requested sessions this month:

vincent van gogh

Master Forgers

Judith Noorman lectures about master forgers. She addresses questions such as "What is real?” “How can master forgers often get away with their crimes for so long, and what does that say about our trust?”, “How do you actually produce a fake Dutch master?” And above all, how do you recognise one? In this lecture, current issues, such as the newly discovered Rembrandt paintings and the most expensive painting ever sold: Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci, are addressed.


Unconscious Bias

High performance

High Performance

This is our third contract with the people from Leqture and they keep surprising us with new inspiring and insightful sessions.

Amos Susskind

Managing Director UK & Ireland.


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We produce white-label inspiration series for over 100 leading companies. Contact us to discover how we can help you achieve your goals.

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